Beginners in forex to start trading the foreign exchange market, first need to have knowledge of the forex market. As a beginner, you need to learn the forex basics such as lot size, spreads, execution order, stop loss, take profit, leverage, margin, etc. To find trade setups in the forex market, you also need to have great knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis.

With the knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis, you can analyze the charts and trade forex currency pairs. But not everyone has success with forex trading. And traders, especially new beginners try to learn the trading by forex mentors to become successful forex traders.

A good mentor can help you advance your trading on a professional level. You can learn different forex trading strategies that you can use to start trading forex. And in this article, we will explain what are the benefits of a forex mentor and is it worth to pay a mentor.

What is a forex mentor?

Forex mentor is a trader that has in-depth knowledge of the foreign exchange market (forex). With a forex trading mentor, you will have a “personal’ assistant in the forex market. The mentor will teach you how to trade the currency markets according to his strategies and the knowledge provided by the mentor can improve your trading experience.

Most of the new traders, don’t have much information about the forex. And they will try to learn the forex through mentors. A forex trading mentor will assist you in learning the lessons a forex trader needs to know. If the mentor is a profitable forex trader then he’s a successful trader, that can pass his knowledge and advanced trading concepts to his students.

Is forex mentorship worth it?

A forex mentor can be worth only if the knowledge provided by him will improve your trading experience. Forex mentors can charge hundreds or thousands of amount to teach you the forex market. But the lessons included on the mentor’s can be found for free too. There are many free videos, articles, or courses that will explain to you the forex market in detail.

And some traders may try free resources to learn the forex market, and there’s nothing wrong with that. With free resources, you won’t have to pay for education so you can learn how to trade. But with a forex mentor, you will have some benefits that you may not have on free resources or you need to seek help from others.

  • Forex mentor will assist you in trading and answer your issues in trading
  • You will have a personal coach to ask before making decisions
  • You can analyze and trade different trading strategies provided by the mentor
  • It can reduce the amount of time you need to spend to learn trading lessons

How to find a successful forex mentor?

Finding a successful forex mentor that will improve your trading skills can be not easy. There many scammers that label themselves as proven mentors. And to check if the mentor is successful or not, you need to check his trading statistics. To do that, you can ask the mentor to provide you with his statistics of trading in Myfxbook or MQL5

With these two websites, you can verify if the trader is successful in trading or not. Don’t fall for typical scams with images or videos, as these don’t prove if the forex mentor is successful or not. Scammers use fake images or videos that can be hard to detect if the image or video is fake or not. And the best way to find a successful forex mentor is to find his track record via these two websites.


Forex trading can be hard and for that, some new traders fail and quit. But some will try to not give up and improve the trading knowledge with forex mentor. If you’re not sure that a forex mentor could help you become a better trader, the details provided in this article could help you to decide.

We are not linked with any forex mentor, neither we don’t offer forex mentorship program. But for traders who want to improve the forex trading experience, a profitable trader mentor can be very effective.

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