How to improve your trading in Forex

To be a successful trader, improving trading performance is essential. Even successful traders don’t have a 100% successful ratio of trades. But when you improve forex trading, you manage to be profitable in the forex market. Forex trading requires adaptation to different trading strategies to be a successful trader. As a new trader, some tips […]

5 trading lessons I wish I knew before in Forex

The purpose of forex trading is to be profitable and be able to make money as a self-employed person. But this journey can be not easy, especially if you’re new in forex trading. There will be situations when you will lose money and you will try to recover that amount of money immediately. And that’s […]

How much money you need to trade Forex

As a new trader in the forex market, you may have questions about “how much money do I need to deposit so I can start trading forex”? Well, this question can be answered based on the capital (money) that you have to trade. If you have a larger capital of money to deposit in the […]

How to find the right forex broker

In the forex trading world, there are hundreds of forex brokers. To trade the forex market on a live account, you need to use a forex broker. A broker allows you to trade the foreign exchange market on real live data with a live account funded from your own money. But not every broker offers […]

Best currency pairs for beginners in Forex

Forex trading involves buying and selling currency pairs. As a trader when you begin to trade you have hundreds of currency pairs available to trade in the trading platforms. Major currencies as United States Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc, etc, can be traded on the foreign exchange market. […]

Best days to trade the Forex market

The forex market can be divided into four main trading sessions: New York session, Tokyo session, London session, and Sydney session. During these sessions, the volatility of the market changes in some of the forex currency pairs. Usually, when a session opens or closes that’s related to the currency pair, the volatility gets affected too. […]

5 Forex Tips For Traders

Trading the forex market requires hard dedication and desire to learn from mistakes. As a beginner in the forex market, you may face many difficulties during the journey to become a better trader. New traders join forex every day but not all of them make money in forex.  The well-known fact that more than 70% […]