How to create a successful trading strategy in Forex

A forex strategy can help the trader in different situations of the forex market. Finding the best strategy in trading can help you during the technical analysis and fundamental analysis of whether to buy or sell.  It can help you to decide how much to risk during the trades. How to react in different situations […]

How to improve your trading in Forex

To be a successful trader, improving trading performance is essential. Even successful traders don’t have a 100% successful ratio of trades. But when you improve forex trading, you manage to be profitable in the forex market. Forex trading requires adaptation to different trading strategies to be a successful trader. As a new trader, some tips […]

5 trading lessons I wish I knew before in Forex

The purpose of forex trading is to be profitable and be able to make money as a self-employed person. But this journey can be not easy, especially if you’re new in forex trading. There will be situations when you will lose money and you will try to recover that amount of money immediately. And that’s […]

How to control emotions in Forex trading

Trading the forex market requires good psychology. When you trade the market, you’ll face yourself in different winning and losing situations. And controlling your emotions during the winning and losing trades can be difficult.  Those situations can affect your trading performance if you don’t control emotions and trading psychology in general. As a forex trader, […]

Forex mentor in trading

Beginners in forex to start trading the foreign exchange market, first need to have knowledge of the forex market. As a beginner, you need to learn the forex basics such as lot size, spreads, execution order, stop loss, take profit, leverage, margin, etc. To find trade setups in the forex market, you also need to […]