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How to improve your trading in Forex

To be a successful trader, improving trading performance is essential. Even successful traders don’t have a 100% successful ratio of trades. But when you improve forex trading, you manage to be profitable in the forex market. Forex trading requires adaptation to different trading strategies to

How to trade support and resistance in Forex

If you’re a beginner in the forex market, the first thing you should practice in technical analysis is to find support and resistance levels. The support and resistance are used to analyze the market and identify potential reversal zones. When you find a support

5 trading lessons I wish I knew before in Forex

The purpose of forex trading is to be profitable and be able to make money as a self-employed person. But this journey can be not easy, especially if you’re new in forex trading. There will be situations when you will lose money and you

Best trading platforms for beginners in Forex

To trade the forex market, you need to use the trading platform so you can execute your trades. These trading platforms can be different in offering features, options, instruments of trading, etc.  The most popular trading platforms are MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader. These three platforms

How much money you need to trade Forex

As a new trader in the forex market, you may have questions about “how much money do I need to deposit so I can start trading forex”? Well, this question can be answered based on the capital (money) that you have to trade. If you

How to control emotions in Forex trading

Trading the forex market requires good psychology. When you trade the market, you’ll face yourself in different winning and losing situations. And controlling your emotions during the winning and losing trades can be difficult.  Those situations can affect your trading performance if you don’

What is retest and how to trade retest in Forex

When the price changes direction from a level and goes back to test that level again, that’s retest, as price tests the previous price level again. A retest can occur at different price levels and on different time frames like the hourly chart, daily

How to trade market patterns successfully

Market patterns are the most effective method of analysis in the forex market. They indicate that the trend most likely will change the direction or continue the same trend. Technical analysis is based on various tools of analysis to detect trading opportunities in the financial

How to trade trend lines and channel patterns in Forex

The trend line in the forex market is one the most used for analyzing the market with technical analysis. By using a trendline in trading, you can identify an uptrend or downtrend in the market. They can help you to identify potential support and resistance

What is an uptrend and how to trade uptrend in Forex

An uptrend is formed by higher tops and higher bottoms and besides the bullish trend, it forms support zones or resistance zones too. Identifying an uptrend on the forex market can help you spot possible reversal or continuation of the trend. The tops on the