Learning the forex market can be done by reading articles, watching videos, courses, etc. But one of the things that you need to look for, is forex books. Reading trading books can really help you to learn forex trading and gain more knowledge of trading strategies.

Trading books are known as one of the first sources to learn to trade the foreign exchange market. And there are many books that cover different topics of trading. To help you with choosing the most valuable the best trading books in the forex, we will list some of the best forex books that are worth reading. 

Trading in the Zone

The forex trading book “Trading in the Zone” it’s published by Mark Douglas. This book focuses mostly on the trading psychology of forex traders. As this book is focused on psychology mostly, there’s very valuable information that can help improve your trading mentality. The books also cover the emotional part, such as greed, and how to avoid greed to become a professional trader.

As you know greed is something that most of the traders cannot control by trying to make more money. And the Mark Douglas had dedicated some pages on emotions in general and how you can overcome it. The book contains valuable information on forex trading strategies too.

Trading in the Zone book is one of the best forex trading books. And its recommended mostly for traders to improve their psychology and become a successful trader. The book has 240 pages and you can read the book by listening to the audio included with the book package.

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How to Day Trade for a Living

This forex trading book focuses on some of the major lessons that a trader needs to learn and be profitable in the forex market. The book it’s published by Andrew Aziz, and most of the book content is focused on day trading style. 

If you’re a day trader, this book could be very valuable information for you. But even if you’re a trader with other trading styles like scalp trading or swing, then reading the book it’s relevant as it contains other lessons. 

Besides the trading style, the book focuses on trading psychology in the forex. The book also covers different trading strategies, technical analysis, risk management, and trading tools.

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Currency Trading For Dummies

Like the book it’s named, this book it’s ideal to read for beginners in forex. The forex trading book contains information from the basics of trading to the advanced lessons. It covers different types of trading styles and trading strategies. So in general this book is like a complete guide to forex trading for new traders.

The fundamental strategies like economic factors that influence the currencies are covered in this book too. You will also learn how to manage your open trades and close them adequately in financial markets.

The book covers other parts as psychology, risk management, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, etc. In total the book contains 360 pages and its published by Brian Dolan.

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Naked Forex

Compared to other books, Naked Forex is a bit more different in the content. The book focuses on how to trade the forex market in a pure way by not using any indicators. In the book, you can read about price action like support and resistance zones, market patterns

The book covers details that are very important in trading like psychology. You can read tips that can help you improve your trading performance and become an experienced trader. 

Also, the pages of the book contain information on technical and fundamental analysis. Naked Forex has 288 pages in total and its published by Alex Nekritin.

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